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Функциональная грамотность на уроках английского языка

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Задания для развития функциональной грамотности на уроках английского языка


Развитие функциональной грамотности на уроках английского языка в 7 классе
Text  № 1
M agazines

A. J-14 is always among the best magazines for teens. It's one of the first magazines to target a teen audience with articles focused mainly on today's celebrity issues. So if you want to stay up-to-date monthly on what Selena Gomez, One Direction and other young stars are doing, J-14 may be the perfect magazine for you!
B. Twist keeps you up-to-date on all of the fashion and beauty choices of our favourite celebs. It is your number one choice when you need someone to give you ideas on how to develop your own unique and fabulous style! Twist also contains fun, teen-targeted quizzes that are certainly worth trying!
C. Glitter is a magazine “for girls who rock”. If you're looking for more than gossip, you're in luck! Glitter has a fabulous book club column that discusses hot new books. Glitter also has a “real people” section where everyday people can share their stories with you.
D. Young World is a magazine for teenagers who care about their environment. It is full of interesting articles about the natural world and gives teenagers lots of advice about how they can be more environmentally friendly. It also organises special events that teenagers can attend in order to learn more things about the environment.
E. Live your Life is a magazine for teenagers that talks about teenage health and problems and gives lots of interesting and helpful advice. Is has a popular Problems Page where teenagers can write and and ask for advice on anything that is worrying them, such as bullying, exams, and how to be more confident.
F. Teen Ink is an online and print magazine with articles written only by teens and for teens. But unlike most magazines, Teen Ink has also fiction and poetry sections! So if you're a young literature enthusiast, you should start reading Teen ink! It is definitely not just another teen magazine like the ones you are used to read.
G. Teen Heroes is a magazine that focuses on famous people that have lived in the past and are still alive today. It is full of inspiring articles and stories of bravery and achievement. It also has art and history competitions as well as information about museums all over the world.
H. Fit for life is a teen magazine about sporting heroes and teams around the world. It has special features on events, such as The Olympic Games and world sporting championships in every sport you can think of. There is always a special article on extreme sports, too, and on how you can get involved in them.

1. The people below are looking for a magazine to read. Which magazine would be the most suitable for the people below:
a) Tony loves animals and would like to be a vet. He enjoys walking in the countryside and taking photographs of animals and plants. He cares very much about the natural world around him.  _________
b) Gemma is a very good artist and she is thinking about going to art school to train as a clothes designer. She likes watching celebrities on TV to see what they are wearing, but she isn't interested in celebrity gossip. _______
c) Martin is very shy. He has just moved to a new school and is feeling quite lonely. He'd also like to get fitter but is not sure how to do it. ______
d) Nick and Tony love pop music and reality TV. They love to follow what the latest young stars are doing and they travel to different places to try to meet their favourite singers and actors. _______
e) Georgia likes to read and she also writes short stories about her life and the people around her. She has also started to write fantasy stories for children. She would like to read things written by people her own age. _______
2. Read the sentences and write T (true), F (false), NS (Not stated):
a) Glitter organises special events that teenagers can attend in order to learn more things about the environment ________.
b) Twist has articles about historical events. ______
c) Teen Ink offers modern songs. ______
d) Fit for life contains articles about famous sportsmen. ______
e) In Live your life teens can get information about art. ______
f) You can find Glitter in shops for teens. ______
g) Twist offers quizzes for readers. ______
3. What is the goal of this article?

  • Explain why teenagers don't like reading magazines.

  • Provide useful information about the variety of magazines for teenagers.

  • Offer teenagers an opportunity to learn about current events.

1. What is the main aim of this poster?

  • to give teenagers some advice on how to improve their exam results

  • to show teenagers what opportunities they can have if they will choose to study at a university

  • to show the main features of character of a successful person

  • to provide the readers with useful information about success in business

2. Read the sentences and write T (True), F (False), NS (Not stated):
A. The best networkers help other people out without expecting anything in return _____.
B. Those who choose to be rude to people have better reputation ______.
C. You can be likable only if you pay attention to your look _____.
D. People who communicate confidently are more successful _____.
E. If a person wants to be more successful he shouldn't show too much his emotions _____.
F. Successful people always try to prove their opinion _____.
G. If a person wants to be successful he should be always open to new ideas and experience ______.
3. Choose from the list other features of likable people and give a short description of  them as in the text above: